Why don't Bollywood music album released in 2012 appear on Spotify

Why don't Bollywood music album released in 2012 appear on Spotify


I'm a great fan of Spotify and really enjoyed listening to bollywood music and had signed up for Premium account.  However, starting in 2012, there isn't any more new bollywood music albums/tracks showing up on Spotify.  Looks like www.saavan.com, though focused on bollywood music, has all the latest and much bigger collection of bollywood music.  Spotify please resolve this else i'm about to close my premium account. 

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Fully Agree.  Spotify has been a big disappointment with regard to new Hindi/Bollywood music.  The catalog of new songs is weak and does not justify the cost of the premium account for Bollywood listeners.  If I don't see an improvement soon, I will not be a paying member for long.  Saavan is certainly a better source for new Hindi music.


Spotify...get with it...Bollywood music is very popular and has fast growing international base of listeners...fix this issue.  


On the same token, Tamil songs from 2012 movies are not there as well. I hope Spotify rectify these issues.




We're keen on bringing new music to Spotify all the time. However, there may be some reasons why we may not have these tracks on Spotify yet, and these are explained on our FAQ here

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I think if Spotify would be released in India it will improve 🙂


However, there is some artists in the US and Sweden who are making goa/bollywood like music. 


For example the US artist Karsh Kale has done some albums and EP which is whichd combines modern electronica with traditional hindi atmosphere. Another gem is the EP Bungalow by Dr. Sounds 


My premium subscription totally depends on the hindi music collection you will be having... Also keep in mind there are a billion plus waiitng...:) so it makes absolule sense for Spotiy to get contracts from the Indian industry film industry.




That's a generic reply .. that FAQ link has nothing related to bollywood. At least relay this message to people who are responsible for content at spotify. 




@Spotify: Please do somthing with the Indian/Pakistani music collection. Its really not good:-( Iam going to terminate my subscribtion soon if not fixed.


Do anybody else know about any good desi music streaming service?


Spotify, you've been doing rather well, but I have noticed a severe drawback in the collection. For example, I have not seen more of Baar Baar Dekho, remixes by DJ Chetas, or music from recent movies such as Shivaay, M.S. Dhoni, and Mohenjo-Daro. Please continue getting permenant contracts with the Indian Music Industry. We know they can be annoying, but more you get there, happier people will be over here.

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