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Wrong Song Titles

Wrong Song Titles

The song titles for Daughters - ST album has the wrong song names.


Here's the correct names:

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Hey there !


I've checked it out on several sources and the outcome is that song names are right though the order of the songs might be incorrect.

I'd suggest checking out this help form for ferther instructions.


Hope this helped, 

Let me know if there's anything else i can do to help !

No. The songs are in the correct order. You should check out the lyrics if
you're in doubt.

Hey there !


Thanks for the quick response.

Let's try again, can you send me the Spotify link to the album mentioned ?

The songs are in correct order.
It's the first 6 songs that have the wrong song titles. They're mixed up.
Check up on the discography and lyrics to make sure it's the right title.

Hey there !


Thanks for posting the link.

Follow this form as it explains the steps needed to fix or notify the Spotify team fr a  broken or incorrect album data/details.


Hope this helped,

Let me know if there's anything else i can do to help.

Link doesn't work

Thanks for getting back with me.


Follow this steps:

- Enter website

- Click help (Right top corner)

- Type "Broken Album" in the search bar

- click on "Fix tracks or album"

- Follow the steps


Hope this helps !

Oh my God! How hard does this have to understand?

I just wrote what the problem was.

I wrote this a couple of years ago about the same album, but gave up
because it makes no God **bleep** sense! First I need to explain in detail what
the problem is. Next you say that the tracks are you just in the wrong
order! Don't you think I've checked this!? And last I need to do fill out a

This is so bad customer support!!

Sorry to hear this couldn't be any assistant for you.


The Spotify Community is one of many support systems offered by Spotify.

All issues are taking seriously and getting all the help needed to guide users through the steps needed for a solution to their issues.


The steps i posted can help navigate you towrads solving or notifing the right Spotify factors of any broken tracks, album or lyrics.


Let me know if there's anything else i can do to overcome this issue for you.

I'm confused. From what I've gathered, Spotify Community is a community of Spotify users trying to help each other, not Spotify's official customer support channel. @OneByBoo provided you with instructions on how to actually report your issue to Spotify.

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