Wrong name on track.


Wrong name on track.



When you play it or put the song in a playlist it gets a new name "Outnumbering the day - 2008 digital remaster.

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That is odd, I added the track to one of my playlists, and the correct information shows like it should with the track. Have you tried logging out and back into the Spotify app again? I know seems an odd request to try, but a simple log out and back in tends to reload things again for the Spotify apps in case of something hanging up with the Spotify app. You might have to remove the track first from the playlist, and then log out of the Spotify app, log back into the Spotify app, and then attempt to place the track in the playlist you wish to add the track to again, and now see if the same results happens.


I even sometimes will log out of the Spotify app, and do a system reboot and/or even a full system shut down when weird issues like this crops up with the Spotify apps.


Can you list what system you are using, and Spotify app version this is happening with?


Anyway to check using the webplayer here: https://play.spotify.com/ and check to see if the track when it is in one of your playlists or when it is played displays the wrong information you are seeing?


Did you happen to maybe have an old version of the track in a playlist, and by going to the artist page here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7eYmDBinb760MUIfoRdlGQ scroll down until you find the release Nightmares Made Flesh, and see if maybe there is a slightly different release available for you, to get the track from to add to one of your playlists?