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You know I think I could accept the collection limit if Spotify explained why they do it

You know I think I could accept the collection limit if Spotify explained why they do it

I know there's a thousand posts on this subject, so I'm not going to start a new one. It seems pretty obvious at this point that Spotify is never going to increase the 10,000 song collection limit (which is, of course, insane), and I know they link you to the vote page to vote for the idea. I think we all also know nothing will ever come from that.


I just wish I knew what the reason was for it. Apple Music doesn't seem to be suffering from having a much larger collection size.


I'm at the point where I need to figure out which course of action is going to take more work: trying to sort out how I want to build inane playlists instead of having one, easy, organized collection like any normal music fan would have, or navigating the best way to migrate my entire collection to a different service.


I'll never be happy with the limits on collection size, but I could make peace with it if Spotify gave even one logical reason why it exists in the first place.


Sorry for the rant. Just endlessly frustrated by this


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Hey @user-removed 


The 10,000 song limit in 'Your Music' applies because it's just like any other playlist. If you sort your collection into several playlists (by letters of the alphabet, date, genre, you name it...) you can grow it exponentially, since each one of them will have 10,000 tracks to be filled.


I think, in the beginning, it was one of those crazy licensing requirements from record companies, which obviously should no longer apply. Maybe that's why its idea is marked as Good Idea, instead of anything else.


I've always preferred using multiple playlists to organize my music, so I've never had a problem with the limit. 🙂



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