Your Political Agenda, Isnt The Same As Mine - Lets Keep It That Way

Your Political Agenda, Isnt The Same As Mine - Lets Keep It That Way

My Question or Issue
I want to opt out of suggestions based on whatever Spotify is trying to push that day, week, or month.  No thank you.  The suggestions they give sometimes are not even remotely related to the content I have been listening to for several years.

Its fine if you want to push it, but its not okay when theres no way to remove it, hide it, or block it from coming up over and over again.  Theres another thread about explicit content.   There are people that dont want that either, which is fine, but at least they have the option to make selections within the app or webplayer so that the content is hidden or not played.

Ill try and come up with an example that wont offend everyone in the community.  Lets just say I like listening to Jazz music, produced by Martians.  Spotify is over here recommending I listen to orchestral music produced by people in another galaxy.   Im totally not interested and want it removed, but cant.  Any interaction I have with the tile, will undoubtedly show me more of it since I clicked/touched it.  Yay.

Please help me figure out how to remove the content I dont want to see from Spotifys political agendas.  I dont care what the mainstream flavor of the month is, I just want to listen to music.  


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