about "we added"


about "we added"


hi spotify,why on my playlist have a songs "we added".im not interested on that "we added".how to fix it?

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I’m having the same issue. 

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Hey there,


To make the music you love easier to find, you get suggested tracks and artists for your playlists as you create and edit them. The more you listen, the better your suggestions will be. Just look out for YOU ADDED and WE ADDED.


This is a 'feature' of Spotify free on mobile.

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How do I turn off the “we added” feature? If I want suggested songs I’d listen to Pandora.


How do I stop Spotify from adding to my playlists? The songs being added are not anything I’m interested in and are ruining the mood of the playlist. I spent hours making carefully crafted playlists that I listen to for different things (cleaning, bathing, exercising, etc). I want to remove these songs without having to listen to the playlist and use the block option- I just want them gone. 

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i have problems with this too. I have very specific styles of music and artists in my playlists and i dont like it when spotify automatically adds music i didnt want

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Hi, AmanKo12!

Playlists on Spotify get song suggestions after the last song you added. These songs are recommended if they match the genre of your the songs on your set of music.

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Just posted this on another thread, and gonna keep saying it: This should NOT be a feature AT ALL! I get you play ads on free accounts, because that's how you get paid, but 'suggesting' songs in playlists is NOT OK. There has been a number of threads on this


You should really rethink this feature - All the new changes, among other things (there's a list) are detering me from getting a Spotify subscription (I've also seen the updates you add to premium accounts-really annoying how many changes you make) and this pushing of songs on a free accounts is actually more annoying than useful. A lot of people just don't bother putting the effort of complaining, but I'm about done with Spotify. 


Going to export my playlists and get the MP3s and do it old school, so you don't keep f****** up my mood on already bad days


Like the a commenter on another thread said, we should be able to at least listen to our own playlists without you guys “adding songs”.

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Hi @AmanKo12,


you can submit an idea (look under menu for idea submissions) that Spotify Free users get the option to delete or toggle off 'added songs'. Then other users can vote for it...

"We added'  is a feature of Spotify Free, if you don't want added songs at all, you can make the choice for a Spotify Premium.


Good luck and happy listening

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Goodbye spotify