can anyone help me find ppca free musicfor fitness instructors

can anyone help me find ppca free musicfor fitness instructors


hey there i really need some help, i currently became a fitness instructor and was told im not allowed to use original artist/music which sucks heaps. finding it diffcult to find music please help out

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I have found myself in the same position after I made up a great Spotify Playlist & now told I cant use it unless PPCA approved. Is there a way I can use Spotify, pay extra whatever to get the approval to play Spotify music for areobics classes? Can anyone assist please? 🙂


hey there @sal-broadwater


this is the offering that spotify offers for businesses: 



hope that suits your needs ^_^



@romie_01 i'd check out some royalty-free and creative commons sites for that! depends exactly what you're after ^_^

Thank you very Rock Star for your assistance but being in Australia the link still included extra licence fees.

If anyone else is interested I think I have found what I am looking for.....

Power Music
Power Music Online Store - Aerobic Music CDs and Downloads for Fitness Professionals. Music for Step Aerobics, Hi-Lo, Kickboxing, Seniors, Cycling, Pilates and much more.

Cheers [😊]

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