clean party mixes


clean party mixes

Hi, I am a youth group leader. We love spotify, and use it weekly. However, I really love the party mix lists where you can change the party mood. None of those lists are appropriate for kids. All of them have explicit songs and/or songs written content that is too nature for our purposes. I would love to see a Christian party mix or at least an all-ages appropriate secular mix. Please please please consider this. We consider spotify to be an essential tool and this would be icing on the cake!

Thank you!
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You might want to look over the terms and conditions of using the Spotify service. Without your youth group set up as a brands or something along these lines you might run into legal issues with the user account being used this way. Public uses of the Spotify service are prohibited, and the service is intended for individual user uses only.


How to become branded with the Spotify service, there is a whole other thing that needs dealt with for licensing costs and fees with regards to using Spotify in a public setting. The branding, i.e. public uses for the Spotify service in a business and/or other purposes should be coming soon to other regions in the world, right now it is only available in Sweden but you can check out all the information here:


I can also pass along your feed back with regards to a teenage appropriate clean party mix playlist to be considered, as something for Spotify to curate and keep up to date if that is what you would like?


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@areallynicegirl - Hi


It's good to know that there are still people trying to influence young people to behave in a civilized way. More power to you all, secular or otherwise.


You are not alone in your request. I don't think you are aware of it (?) but well over 4,500 people so far have asked Spotify for more control over explicit content.


Go here if you would like to add your comment and kudos.


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Good luck. I hope you feel able to continue to use the party mixes you all enjoy so much.