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how to find original song that are not in spotify

how to find original song that are not in spotify

Hi fellow users, first time writing in here so please guide me along if needed


i'm actually looking for a song endless love from the movie "The Myth" by Jackie Chan


but i'm only able to find 美麗的神話- Theme Song of The Myth


whereby the female part suppose to be in korean, but she sang it in english


so if anyone happen to find it please let me know thank you!

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Hey, welcome to the Spotify Community! Don't worry, we'll be able to assist you whenever you need it!

The original song is not on Spotify because the rights owners haven't either sold it in digital stores or uploaded it to Spotify specifically. It's not Spotify's fault if the track can't be found. Try asking the rights owner (record label, movie distribution company) whether or not the track has to be published.

Hope I've helped; welcome again, and enjoy Spotify! 🙂

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