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jazz new releases

jazz new releases

Why are there so few jazz albums included with the new releases.  Jazz fans want to hear about and listen to what's hot.

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I agree, why aren't there more jazz and reggae releases?

You can go to Browse ---> Jazz under generes & moods and then scroll down to new releases.


Or it that the page you are talking a bout that has only a few?

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Yes, there are only a few weekly, unless that is all that is offered?

Spotify doesn't currently list all of the new releases for a genre. They just hand pick some of the best ones and show them.


If you are looking for a full list of new releases on Spotify, you can check this out:



You can scroll to the Jazz section or you can do CTRL + F and search for Jazz on the page.


It updates every Friday so make sure to save anything you might want to listen to later.

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Sorry, but I can't understand! As of now the jazz new releases shows only albums more that 1 year old (so please don't call it "new" albums.....). The suggestion to go on web to search for new releases is ridiculous. I listen to Jazz music and I want new releases to be suggested by my music streaming app. Due to this unbelievable BUG I subscribed a competitor service also if Spotify was my preferred choice.

What's the problem? Why Jazz cannot shows last releases like other genres?

Really disappointed by Spotify policy and customer care!

Five years later and still no improvement? Couldn't be that hard for Spotify to fill that list porperly. If they have an own category for Jazz I must be up to date. Otherwise it is just awkward. Tidal offers a better service for this genre.

Hey there @user-removed, 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 


To find the New Releases in the Jazz-genre, you need to go to Browse, choose Jazz, scroll down to New Releases and click Show More. This way you'll find the best editorial picks from the genre, even if they're releases from last year. Spotify makes sure to only pick the best issues from a specific genre that have been published recently. 


Before reaching the New Releases section, you can also take a look at the Playlists labeled under Jazz. These playlists offer various collections from classics to the newest releases, which is another way you can find the hottest issues from the genre. 


Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know if you have any more questions.

Hi Ivan,

thank you for your reply. I know abou the New Releases section within the Jazz genre. This is what I was complayning about. How is ist possible that almost half of the twelve "new" releases are from 2018? Are you saying that there are only twelve albums within the last two years worth to mention according to the Spotify editorial team? If thats the case I think your editorial team doesn't have any knowledge about Jazz music. Have you ever took a look at the new jazz releases list on Tidal? The latest twelve releases on this list are from 2020.

I'd like to use Spotify to discover new Jazz albums. But your list is outdated. I also reported this issue a couple of moth ago on your Twitter support channel. I don't have the feeling that Spotify is taking this serious enough.


New Jazz releases on Spotify:

spotify new releases jazz.PNG

New Jazz releases on Tidal:

tidal new releases jazz.PNG



Hey there @user-removed, 


Thanks for getting back to us. 


Keep in mind that the album contents on Spotify depend not only on the choices of the editorial team, but also on the permissions of the right holders. Such right holders are the artists themselves and the record labels they work with. These permissions may vary across different streaming service providers. 


Hope this helps. We'll be happy to lend a hand if you need more help. 

Hi Ivan,

I understand that you can only offer new releases if you have them in your catalogue. The problem is that you have all the new Jazz albums but you don't communicate them to your users.


If I want to know what new Jazz albums where released lately I don't get this information from your editorial team like it is the case for all the other genres. If takes some efforte and research to find the new releases because you don't update the new releases list under the Jazz category. I still don't understand why. You have an editorial team and you have the content. And I assume that you want to offer a good user experience to your customers. So why?

Hey there @user-removed, 


Thanks for getting back to us. 


We appreciate you took the time to share your thoughts on this matter with us. Your feedback has already been forwarded to the relevant editorial team for further consideration. 


We also suggest you check this idea and vote for it by clicking on the +VOTE. We always take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app, and you can read more about how ideas work here.

As a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented 🙂


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

It doesn’t work. It shows always the same ones

Hi @Ivan @user-removed and everyone else, I feel more or less the same, and I'am always looking for new music and I think that this happens not only with Jazz, but anyway I want to share with you my Playlist where I'm adding as soon as I find new singles trying to only add one per album/artist (if possible the lead single if not the first that I discover), some are well known artist and others are a little hard to find.


Always new tracks are on top, for example today March 17 I just added a track by Little North a piano trio from Copenhagen a single that is really good released last Friday, I hope you can find something that you haven't discover yet.  This is the thread Contemporary Jazz 





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I sent this problem to the support a couple of times as well. Now I'm frustrated so see that this problem was already reported six seary ago!

Like the others said: Spotify is basically my prefered service. But because of this bad treatment of the Jazz genre I think I'll switch to one of it's competitors.

I also heard the same explanations from Spotify a couple of times but I still don't get it. They have the albums. Everyone else thinks they are relevant. But Spotify thinks there is only every 3-4 month a relevant Jazz release. So I guess Spotify doesn't have any clue about Jazz. Do they even have a editorial team for Jazz? They could at least copy the new releases from Tidal etc. ...

What happened? New jazz releases two weeks in a row? Great 👍

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