just another indie playlist

just another indie playlist

hi everyone!


i'd like to share one or two of my playlists! 

There are just basic indie songs but I also have a few undiscovered artists that should get more recognition ! 


If you like phoebe bridgers, the national, editors, but also lord huron, flower face & others, then you'll probably like it





(also make sure to sort it by newest)


I love discovering new music & new playlists so make sure to share your favourites albums, songs, playlist etc


have fun 🙂



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Hey! Enjoying the soft sounds 2 playlist - check out my new release it'd be an awesome addition. Thanks! 



hi! just listened to your album and Iliked it a lot 🙂 the vibes reminded me of S. Carey 

loking forward to hearing new songs 

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy it

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