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playlist covers

How, when and where will I know when i will be allowed to customize my playlists and change the cover and personalize it so i enjoy listening to my music and how it fits me.

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You can create your own playlists already, and also the cover is already set up to first four songs covers, so you kinda have a freedlm there to. I guess Spotify will never allow users to uploud covers since it can create copyright issues. But the ability to change to the cover to the song that you want should be available soon, because, why not?It's simple code, and take us off so much trouble. Last part - yeah sure song sorting priorities should come to mobile too, I don't wanna open PC everytime I re- order my playlists.


Hey @williamjtucker and @OlciOn 


You can do all that on the desktop client - see this article on how to upload playlist cover images!

Also, when you click on the playlist title, you can add and edit playlist description. 🙂


Do follow these guidelines on choosing a playlist cover.

This also means you should not use Spotify's logo on your cover image, both for it's copyrighted and it may confuse users into thinking it's an official Spotify-curated playlist.


Have a lovely day!

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