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"Compton: a soundtrack" release only on iTunes ?

"Compton: a soundtrack" release only on iTunes ?

Hello everybody,


I'm sorry if I am on the wrong forum topic, I wasn't sure where to post this.


I wanted to find out if the next album of Dr. Dre, "Compton: a soundtrack" that's coming out on Friday the 7th August will be on Spotify or only available for purchase on Itunes?



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Dr Dre'S new album Compton: A soundtrack has been made exclusive to Apple Music atm 😞

That stinks. I wanted to listen to it.

Ahh just hook up with the originals here from the artist pages at Spotify. At least Ice Cube and Snoopy Dogg did not dis Spotify? And even Easy-E's content is here. Anyway N.W.A. artist page, you all can look up the rest of it.

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