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Hello, I am a spotify listener. I listen almost everyday and I'm also paying the Spotify Premium. Since today I have had nothing to complain about. But today I've bumbed on your playlist: Equal. Please tell me, where is the equality? It is a playlist of songs only from women. Tell me, where do women have less rights, opportunities, etc. in modern world. I don't think this is even close to equalize something.  Please, big PLEASE, explain to me.

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Hi there, I believe Spotify has created this playlist to promote women artists and their talent, since it is generally more difficult for women to break through in the music industry and to have their talent recognised and credited for than men. As for the modern world, it is unfortunately true that women are still at a disadvantage. For example, according to the BBC website, government data has shown that 74% of firms pay higher rates to their male staff. A recent YouGov survey showed that 97% of young women in the UK between the ages of 18-24 had experienced some form of sexual harassment - only 3% reported that they did not recall experiencing being sexually harassed. Please feel free to find out more information about women's disadvantages, such as issues surrounding abortion rights, workplace discrimination, and just listening to women's voices. I suggest the websites and - instagram accounts, such as @ impact and @ feminist are really informative too. I hope you can see how Spotify is not attempting to 'steal' the limelight from any other artists, but simply to celebrate women in music and everything that they contribute. Thanks.

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