"Free For Profit" Instrumentals and Songs

"Free For Profit" Instrumentals and Songs

Hi Guys,


I've recently been making an EP built around songs that do not have any exclusive licenses or anything. All the producers I've contacted are happy for my songs to be put up on streaming platforms, as long as they don't lose their video/income from said video, but they do not exactly mind if I receive any income from the streams from my uploaded songs.


Simply put, how would I go around uploading an album without the content ID system, or anything of the sort, searching the web and taking down songs that have the same instrumental/sound similar, unless it's an almost exact replica of the song I've created? These producers have been amazing in assisting me, so for them to lose the rights to their own song would be quite... Bad, right?


This would be an example of any random free for profit song:


Not one I've used personally, but if theoretically, how would I use this song without the original being taken down?


Thanks for any assistance!

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