"Your 2016 in music" statistics are not correct

"Your 2016 in music" statistics are not correct

I've just received an email containing my year 2016 in music. To be honest, I am sad that it's not a fancy webpage with more interesting statistics as it was the year before or the year before that one.


But, what I've noticed even from the scarce statistics is that they are incorrect. Most of the data the email contains seems to be either from very specific time range, or incomplete. 


As an example, I can see that the day I've listened to music the most is Sunday, which is impossible as I listen to music mainly during the work week, about 6-9 hours a week day. 


Another issue are the most popular tracks and bands, where I know the second and third place are artists I've listened to probably 5 or 6 times during the year and I know for sure there are artists I've heard 100+ times.


Spotify, can you explain how are these statistics measured, or if they are final? As they seem very wrong to me 🙂

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Same here - my top tracks are most definitiely not what is in the list, and I've never heard some of the tracks in the playlist before. That's a complete waste- I was looking forward to the real info.

I waited all year for this, pretty disappointed.

I wonder if tracks sent to the Chromecast are counted?
And apparently my girlfriend plays a lot on the computer, using my account, which could also explain my strange results 🙂

Most listend to artist are counted by artist you clicked the "play" button on there avatars in your library not artist you play there songs.
Second thing a song will not be counted as a play until you fully finish that song.

that's what I managed to notice when I had the same problem as you.

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