repetitive christian rock on discover weekly

repetitive christian rock on discover weekly

I have been on the most ridiculous wild goose chase trying to contact Spotify about how ridiculous it is that every week, there's another Christian song by the same dang band on the discover weekly playlist. This is obnoxious for a handful of reasons. Mostly, I was hoping someone could tell me how I can actually contact SPOTIFY who apparently doesn't want to hear from us, and would rather put all of us complainers in a room together to "help each other". I have gone through every route I can possibly imagine to contact them, but everything leads me back to this community deal (which made it darn near impossible to post on as well). Also, if you find it equally ridiculous that spotify is plugging some For King & Country song every week, I hope you make a complaint as well because I'm one christian rock song away from deleting my account and never giving them my money again. I would rather suffer through Pandora. Thanks guys!

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Hi @jennarose117

I don't work for Spotify but would like to see if I can help out.

Have you saved, or added any Christian rock songs to your Spotify playlists? Do you share your account with anyone else who may have?

I have not. I was under the impression that the discover weekly playlists were the same for every user.

No, the Discover Weekly playlist is different for every user.

Here are a few things I did to help fine tune my Discover Weekly.

Add songs you like to a playlist or your Spotify library. Play it on a regular basis, it will influence what Spotify suggests.

Skip the songs you don’t like. If you fast-forward within the first 30 seconds of a song, the Discover Weekly algorithm interprets that as a “thumbs-down” for that particular song and artist.

I don't work for Spotify but I found that this works for me and I looooove what I hear on my weekly playlist now!

Thanks a bunch!

Why can't I just blacklist all Christian Rock? Somehow it has invaded my mixes.


I don't really like music in general and just play Spotify when I work to avoid background noise. Since I'm not actually listening to the music it usually takes a while (more than the 30 seconds) listed above for me to realize that I am listening to Christian Rock. 

@jackson129 the issue I could see is not all Christian artists are classified under Christian music. Some artist are just under alternative, metal etc so even if they blocked artist listed as Christian it wouldn't block all of it.

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