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the enhance button disappeared

the enhance button disappeared

the button appeared, and I was loving the functionality because it was helping me to discover new music and new artists but today the button was not there anymore.

22 Replies

Hi @25708339


The Enhance feature was replaced with Smart Shuffle.

Click here to learn more and leave feedback.





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Bring back the Enhance button. It’s not the same as the Smart Shuffle. I don’t want to shuffle my playlist. I just want a few songs peppered in between.

Let's start putting in 1-star reviews in the app store. This is the only way we can get their attention who obviously don't care about user feedback here.

Really not the same thing. It is much harder to to see what songs are being suggested and add them to the current playlist using smart shuffle. I much preferred the previous enhance to this

Bring it back or i m switching to apple music.

I hate this update, smart shuffle is a terrible replacement for the enhance button, it’s fine as an extra feature but it is NOWHERE NEAR as helpful. I LOVED the enhance button, I used it to build whole playlists based around one song in order to quickly go through the list and find new songs to add to my soundtracks I use for writing, the gym, inspiration, etc. With shuffle, I can’t see the new songs at a glance. I have to keep pressing fast forward and always get a bunch of the same song recommendations I’ve already heard before and do not want. This was easily avoidable before when I could simply see the song titles and find the new/weed out the unwanted. If I’d known the enhance button would be gone in this update, I’d have stuck with the previous version forever. 

I do music everyday. I do playlists everyday. The new smart shuffle options sucks!, I can't see beforehand what I'm going to listen, at least I could see all the songs on enhance. There are artists that I really don't care about so delete beforehand. Their recommended songs section sucks too. Hey Stupid Spotify engineers, how about a button that says "DON'T PLAY OR RECOMMEND THAT SONG EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE BECAUSE IT REALLY SUCKS! You tube has a button that saids "NOT INTERESTED" and guess what....You'll never see that video ever again. And make it easy, Don't make me go all the way to the artists profile and hide the song, like you can do, IN FACT! I had hidden songs that will still play or be on the recommended section. Spotify is not a good app for listeners that are constantly working on playlists, and looking for new music. Thinking of cancelling membership!

Okay, so I'm going to be honest here. This function is ass. With the enhance feature, I could see what was going to play, but this shuffle doesn't have that, also, instead of playing in order, the shuffle mode not only adds, but play randomly, and I think that this is really bad... even though that's what shuffle does.


Enhance feature was way better, if Spotify managers actually see it, put that function back and please, do not remove it again.

terrible change. enhance was perfect. smart shuffle also fails to actually shuffle my playlist, and plays in the same order every time i use it.

Keep "Smart Shuffle" if you want, but add am option to disable it, and bring back Enhance. Absolutely HATE the way SS works, sorry.

I honestly agree with all previous comments, SS sucks, Enhance was superior, I was able to build whole playlists quickly from a few songs. I can't understand why one had to be removed, they were different features, and could co-exist easily (as they did this whole year).

Enhance made Spotify an insane playlist generator, can't believe they would just remove it like that.

I wholeheartedly agree with above comments about Smart Shuffle Sucking!  Where did the Enhance feature go and why did it go away.  In the new age of AI the smartest platform with the best UI will win.  Looks like Apple Music is taking the lead over Spotify.  It appears the owners of Spotify no longer care about the users and what works best.  Yeah and please please please don't ever recommend a song I have already rejected multiple times.  Thx


Who the **bleep** at Spotify thought:

a) Smart Shuffle is a good Idea
Why would I combine two seperate functions in one.

b) It replaces Enhance

It does not ... one cannot even see what is an Enhancement and what are my picks.

c) It replaces regular Shuffle
Why would i mandatory want random Songs just because I shuffle

Seriously ... as I see no way that Spotify **bleep**s up these features by accident, I assume there must be somethin behind this.
This is not the first **bleep**-up with Enhance which was available for "Liked Songs" but then was removed for this special playlist -
another example of an "update" gone totally wrong.

I, too, dislike the new "Dumb Shuffle" feature, and would like the Enhance button to return. I have no control over what the silly shuffle feature comes up with, which I presume is the intention of some misanthropic higher up at Spotify, who has decided this should be the feature to keep, when it's worse in every way compared to Enhance. I don't like using it, and I don't want it.


What a disappointment, to bin good additions and instead replace them with inferior solutions.

yes this is so so necessary PLEASE BRING IT BACK

Enhanced function on playlist creations was the bomb for me as a dj! please give it back so i can create like wise Playlists with songs that fit my selections

Bring back enhance. No one **bleep**ing likes smart shuffle. Please bring enhance back please

Bring back enhance!!! Smart shuffle is so bad

I only just discovered enhance playlist only for it to be taken away. Actually so devastated cause finally! Finally I could use Spotify to build a playlist the way Pandora used to work long ago. Smart shuffle sucks so hard for making playlists. Also works terrible on mobile. 

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