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Cannot re-open spotify after closing to tray

Cannot re-open spotify after closing to tray






Desktop PC

Memory: 16.0 GiB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 3060

Operating System
Ubuntu 23.10
GNOME Version: 45.2
Windowing System: X11
Kernel Version: Linux 6.5.0-21-generic


My Question or Issue

With the option "Close button should minimize the Spotify window" enabled, when I close the spotify application it minimizes to the tray and I am still able to hear the music in the background. The issue is that I am not able to re-open the application by clicking the app on the dock, or by pressing the spotify tray icon at the top bar (GNOME). It only shows me "Exit" when I click the tray icon. I can then exit spotify and it is able to open from the dock and applications again.


I have tried completely wiping and reinstalling the app. I have also tried switching to Wayland (does not work). Other apps that close to the tray and run and the background are still able to open back up such as Discord.

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Maybe this workaround with no-zygote and minimize to tray... Linux client is buggy but also Wayland QT issues which may be solved with setup ozone-platform but some programs are not ready including Chrome yet...

still happening. linux. when the 'close button should minimize the spotify window' is turned on, it will minimize to tray but it will not have any way or any option to maximize it. your only option is to close the app.

Screenshot from 2024-03-25 16-00-35.png

Same issue! Budgie DE

I have the same issue on Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon in X.


Cinnamon has a Sound applet in the tray which includes a built-in player mechanism that will display info about Spotify when Spotify is running, even when I close it to the tray. I can use this still to skip to next and previous tracks, pause, stop and close Spotify from it. However, I cannot open it again. When I click the Open Player link (the little ^ icon beside the x) it just doesn't open it again.


If I try to launch Spotify again it seems to do absolutely nothing. It won't open again. If I want to open it again I have to kill the /usr/share/spotify/spotify process first which closes all the other processes. If I kill any other spotify process it will just reopen that specific process and still won't bring Spotify up again.


I'm using Xfce and I can reopen using the tray icon because it shows the "Open Spotify" option, but I cannot reopen a shortcut because using the spotify command doesn't work anymore. I'm going to rollback to an earlier version because I don't want to be clicking around to reopen the Spotify window.

Still not working on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS/Spotify stable

If you minimize the app to tray there is no way to maximize it again.

Spotify is also web app and chrome has these menus already implemented and if Electron has Chrome issues on Wayland because Electron is made and released for Ubuntu 20.04, time to check progress regularly because also WebGPU is not ready on Linux and Chrome needs this for not only games...


chrome status:

old zygote issue about disabling zygote: On Linux Chromium uses a zygote process to fork child processes seems still present on recent E. builds

I'm using X11, not Wayland, and I have this issue even on version


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