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Close button should minimize the Spotify window - Spotify won't minimize using Close button

Close button should minimize the Spotify window - Spotify won't minimize using Close button


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United Arab Emirates




Operating System

Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon


My Question or Issue

There is an option in Advanced Settings for "Close button should minimize the Spotify window". This morning I discovered this and switched it on. 

Closing the window, however, shuts down Spotify. 


I've tried the usual troubleshooting elements:

1. Clear cache

2. Clear storage

3. killall

4. Spotify dump (results in 0Kb text file)


Does this work on other Linux environments? Is there anything else I need to do to make Spotify minimize instead?


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I'm having this same problem on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with the Spotify Snap.

The setting doesn't seem to affect the app's behavior.


Rev: 46

Same here with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Same for me 😞

App just closing

Linux Mint 19.3 MATE
Same problem after update client Spotify version to 1:

That option wasn't there before. So, i'm guessing they're still implementing it (and they will for the next 3 or 4 years), after much complain from linux users.

A close to tray feature on spotify for linux! Who would thought about that?

Meanwhile, i found another player that acts as a spotify front-end, which i'm using and enjoying the close-to-tray.

The last time i was here browsing for a solution (and actually suggesting it ) was so many years ago that i forgot my old account. Guess what? still nothing.

I'll check again a couple more years from now, hopefully they finished it. 


have you tried installing Windows version using Wine?

I think the purpose of this thread is to highlight the issues with the current release rather than propose a different release to fix the problem. I hadn't seen anyone else report this issue which is why I raised it.

Spotify devs don't give a oops to Linux users. we better discuss between us how to mitigate the problems

Please its an easy fix, it might just boil down to wm events subscriptions. I am a Spotify premium user but i see myself using third party clients often...

Im facing the same issue on Ubuntu 20.04 snap version. I will try with another type of installation, just in case.
Aaaand, nop. I tried with apt version, same result. The app closes,

To avoid the app showing in alt-tab etc. Simply move it to a new workspace, at least until (if) they fix the issue.

Xubuntu 20.04, the same problem. Guys, it lasts for years alresdy.

Ubuntu 22.04, the same problem

Same issue on Fedora 36 with GNOME 42 and Spotify for Linux (

Same problem with ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Gnome 42. Still waiting for the solution

Engineer here. Hi all, the "minimizing to task bar" feature" is on the TODO list, but hasn't been implemented yet on Linux

I and others will look into it once we have time. But there are higher prio requests before. So if this is something that you really miss, just upvote this so it gets higher prio

Bump. Fedora 37 using KDE Plasma, would love to be able to close to system tray.


I'm a sw dev and I can't believe this is so hard to implement. Why is it taking over a year to get resolved?

The problem is not about how hard something is to implement. It is that the Linux client is not officially supported by the company. The client is an effort from us employees, that are also Linux users, to have a player the we like to use as well. But all the time that we get to improve is out of our main tasks. And such time is typically only few hours per month.

Still, there's an update about the tray icon. I had already finished the first version, and it is being tested internally. But we already found a blocker. The check if a previous instance is already running must be concluded, or it will end up with several equal icons in the tray. As soon as we fix this, we can probably release it. But as explained before, I can't promise dates.

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