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Flatpak Spotify is official?

Flatpak Spotify is official?

Is the flatpak version of spotify made directly by the developers of spotify and is the snap version the only official one?


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The short answer is no, the Spotify flatpak is not maintained by Spotify developers.

The long answer is that I don't even think the snap package is maintained by Spotify? I think it's more officially sanctioned by Spotify?

In all actuality the Spotify desktop app really isn't supported officially at all on Linux and not maintained as it should be. I haven't used it on Windows or Mac but if it's anything like the Linux version as far as how crusty and generally low quality it is it's pretty shameful as a whole.

The flatpak as part of it's build process actually downloads the snap and uses the containing binaries and re-wraps it up as a flatpak while also fixing/working around a few bugs in the official app inside the flatpak wrapper.

 The flatpak is going to give you a better experience as less things are broken. (there are A LOT of YEARS OLD outstanding bugs in the Linux version)

Since the snap even mentioned officially by the spotify devs in the platform and how to install it, and it's maintained by a company account from Spotify, I'd guess the snap package is official. Same as the debian one where you can add spotify repos and install it directly.

Flatpak packages are community maintained, that's correct.

My experience was that the Spotify snap worked a lot better for me than the flatpak version, so I did stick with that one even though I usually prefer flatpak.

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