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Forward and back keyboard shortcuts no longer working

Forward and back keyboard shortcuts no longer working


It's probably a duplicate of Forward and back keyboard shortcut feature no longer working on Mac, but I cannot longer use Ctrl + Left Arrow and Ctrl + Right Arrow to change tracks on Linux.


The regression seems to have appeared on version since I get it working by reverting to version

OS: Ubuntu, Spotify installed with snap.

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Still an issue on version (both on Flatpak in Fedora and on Ubuntu)

Can't remember with which version these shortcuts stopped working but would really appreciate if ctrl-left and ctrl-right for skipping songs, as well as ctrl-up and ctrl-down to increase or decrease volume while spotify window is selected, could be fixed on linux.

Running pop_os 21.04, spotify flatpak version

ctrl+{right,left,up,down} are broken for me in spotify version, running on Debian.

Issue still present for me on Arch

Still an issue for me on Kubuntu 18.04. Would really love if this got some attention as it's a huge degradation in QoL (and I/we pay for the service).

If you happen to use kde plasma here's a custom shortcuts file that you can import to bring back this functionality.

Ctrl+F for Find/Search has stopped working since on flatpak. Please bring it back spotify. it's a must-have.

Still broken in: 1:

You can download an older version here:

Still broken in flatpak version, on fedora KDE 34, volumen, ctrl+up/down doesn't work.

Still on version: 1:

Running: `spotify --log-file=./spot.log` while tailing the log shows that ctrl+<arrow keys> does not register with the spotify-client. 

ctrl+r/s shows activity in the log. 

It's ridiculous that this is still a problem.


Prev, Next, Volume Up/Down with Ctrl keys don't work at all for over a year.

After last update ( Prev, Next, Volume Up/Down with Ctrl keys still don't work… This is f***g joke! 😕

Come on lads, go and play like a real FOSS hero binding those damn dbus commands, spotify shame on you

[chris@fedora ~]$ flatpak info com.spotify.Client 

Spotify - Online music streaming service

          ID: com.spotify.Client
         Ref: app/com.spotify.Client/x86_64/stable
        Arch: x86_64
      Branch: stable
     License: LicenseRef-proprietary=
      Origin: flathub
  Collection: org.flathub.Stable
Installation: system
   Installed: 2.0 MB
     Runtime: org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/21.08
         Sdk: org.freedesktop.Sdk/x86_64/21.08

      Commit: b87bff1ebb88e620eaccfa6d65def368145433d70bf389c4a54fd52995998c8c
      Parent: 3577c3704229f8c744560ed541cb1135430d4e453565d34b908c83735097e198
     Subject: Update libnotify-0.8.0.tar.xz to 0.8.1 (a8b9c26e)
        Date: 2022-07-17 20:20:55 +0000
[chris@fedora ~]$ 

The same problem here in fedora 36 workstation

the keyboard shortcuts for increase/decrease volume doesn't work , CTRL+UP/DOWN .

This work for example

Shift + Left/Right 	Cmd + Shift + Left/Right 	Seek backward/forward


spotify keyboard shortcuts

Still not fixed on Arch Linux
Version: 1:

Why is such basic functionality still broken after 1.5+ years, wth am I paying for

Did anyone has workaround for this without messing keyboard shortcut for whole OS.
Also still doesn't work in version and

Problem still not fixed and very annoying.
It's possible to use Spotify web-player with browser keys extension instead but web-player too buggy, unstable and not full functional.

Hey Spotify.  Would you mind fixing this, please?  Especially since it worked before, I hope you find it simple enough to add back in without any trouble.  Thanks!

Well, at least the dbus keybindings are basically global keyboard shortcuts. I was longing for those back on Windows so much. No media keys on my laptop. I don't remember if there's one for volume toggling, but I can skip and play/pause with ease.


Anyway, Ctrl + arrow keys still not working as of Spotify version installed via snap.

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