[LINUX] Minimizing to task bar or tray


[LINUX] Minimizing to task bar or tray

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Hi Spotify,


I recently just updated my linux client on Linux Mint 17.3 and I can no longer minimize it to either the task bar or tray icon. The only way I can re-open spotify is if I open my workspace area which lists which things I have active.


Also if I click the spotify app icon again it seems to open another copy of spotify and not just re-open the original, is this a known issue?



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I fixed this by installing the kdocker package.

Then choose KDocker from Applications -> Accessories menu and click on the Spotify window. I had to chose an icon manually (from those in /usr/share/spotify/icons).


Hope this helps!


Read this and be sad about the "Most of these we want to fix, but others (like missing tray icon) we probably won't." part.


With that said you should still be able to minimize it to the taskbar like any other window I guess?


A script that checks if spotify is running and activates the window, or if's not starts it is not very hard. Sure, one might argue that spotify should handle this but this is linux, where everything someone else could do for us we can also do ourselves. 🙂


I'm also encountering this also since the latest update.

When I last had this problem I solved it by unticking "Hide system tray icon for compatible players" under the configuration of the sound applet (right click speaker icon -> Configure...), but that's no longer controlling it, it seems.