Like and Dislike missing from Daily Mix

Like and Dislike missing from Daily Mix







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(Ubuntu 18.04)


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Just earlier today I was able to "Heart" or "Dislike" songs in my Daily Mix. After restarting my computer and opening up Spotify I found that I was no longer able to do that. Where did that functionality go? How can I remove songs from my Daily Mix? I believe the hearts used to be where the reb box is in the attached picture. 

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Just noticed this on my Mac, too. Spotify version Seems they're not radio stations anymore, but instead playlists. Would love to know why this change was made.

Interesting, before Monday my dailies were only playlists with 50 songs and no like/dislike, but now they're endless mixes with liking and disliking (only using Spotify for 2 months or so). I'd also like to know why it seems we're being switched back and forth between two different types of daily mixes.

Hey @Mediocre_Fred@Palidino and @gamepak,


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At Spotify, we’re often testing and launching improvements and new features. When we’re testing, you may see something on the app your friend doesn’t, or get a new feature for only a temporary period.


Tip: Make sure you don't miss a thing by enabling automatic updates on your device.


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I’m not quite sure if it really is an "improvement" that my Daily Mixes disappear or are converted to static 50-song playlists. I want my dynamic endless playlists back – they were the reason I switched to Spotify!  😠

It is good to know that there is testing going on, @Guido, thank you for that info.

My next question is how do I give feedback on stuff like this? I absolutely do not see this as an improvement and would like it to be known.

As far as I can tell, all I can do is either make a community post about it, which may or may not get any attention, or I can just cancel my subscription to spotify. I don't want to stop using spotify, but if that is the only way they will know to improve, I'll stop my premium subscription.

I have just logged onto spotify today to find that my daily mixes are back to being endless mixes. I don't know what happened to fix it, but I am very pleased. The other way of doing it is garbage and doesn't seem to let me personalize it by liking and disliking. 

I am once again unable to dislike songs in my Daily Mixes. Why does that feature keep coming and going? It's really annoying, especially when the some of the songs in the Daily Mix are also annoying!

me too, no like and dislike buttons in Daily mix, and the remove this song option is greyed out 

I'm with everyone else - this is garbage. If I want to listen to a Daily Mix except one song I have to keep skipping over it as I can't dislike it now. This is a poor "feature" and you should restore the previous functionality.

I'm not listening to my daily mix any more as the whole point of them was that I could edit  them to my taste.  So many songs I don't like .

PLEASE PLEASE bring back the heart or dislike feature in the dailymix I don't play mine any more as there is no editing power

I totally agree, please bring back this function. Like-dislike is the best way to tailor bad choices of the algorithm, it is an integral part of having a music app.

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