Linux Client - Gnome3 border window doesnt load


Linux Client - Gnome3 border window doesnt load


Sometimes i have a problem, this issue its random, now i discover a way to solve it (every time it happen), this issue doesnt load correctly spotify when it open, the spotify window start without the border (menus for max, min or resize), to solve it you have to edit a file that contains the preferences at the time that the app open, i installed spotify via snap, so the file directory maybe change depending the installation way, in my specific case the directory it's /home/USER/snap/spotify/21/.config/spotify, the file name is prefs (remember that you need to be root for edit it, also to make a backup, just in case :P), finaly you have to change the line


change true to false. And that's it, it worked for me, I hope it works for others.

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Re: Linux Client - Gnome3 border window doesnt load


Yep. It is a bug in the linux client. We haven't fixed it yet, but you can get out of full screen easier with a tool like wmctrl:


sudo apt install wmctrl
wmctrl -x -r Spotify -b toggle,fullscreen