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Linux Desktop: No equalizer?

Linux Desktop: No equalizer?



I am looking for the equalizer setting available on the mobile client -- to no avail. I am using the flatpak build.

Is this feature not implemented yet for the Linux Desktop flatpak client?


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Try pulseeffects, it can probably do everything you need and a lot more 😉

Hello, your suggestion is spot-on, and I've installed it shortly after posting here. Still I think it would be nice to have this feature built into the desktop client, on all plateforms, just as is on iOS and Android.


I do understand these two mobile plaforms provide the required libraries out-of-the-box, avoiding the sort of fragmentation that affect the desktop clients (mac OS, Windows and Linux all uses different sound libraries at bottom). Still I think desktop  users deserve some love too...

Linux version finally gained equalizer with latest 1.2.8 😍

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