Linux debian package Firewall problem

Linux debian package Firewall problem







DELL Laptop

Operating System

Ubuntu 18.04.3 running i3wm (i3-gaps)


Error: A firewall may be blocking ..., Unfortunately I forgot to write down the error number but I don't have a firewall. I believe the package is just outdated.


I had installed spotify through Repos and it stopped working last week. I've come to the UK almost a month ago and I haven't faced any problems until last week when it said I was offline even though I wasn't. I signed off and when I tried to login again, it gave me the error. I tried different connections, all work properly but it still gives the error. The web player works normally. After a couple reinstalls I decided to install the Snap version which works perfectly. I was using Spicetify I thought that might be the cause. So I uninstalled and reverted the changes it made, no difference.


I've tried the solutions in the forum, those that I can try. It's not offline in the settings



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