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[Linux] minor issues

[Linux] minor issues

I couldn't find any appropriate topic to complain about some issues with linux version that I think aren't present in the Windows counterpart


1. If spotify is on, computer shutdown lasts about 10-20 seconds more.When I exit spotify manually everything's ok so I can't see any reason for the app to slow down shutdown so much.

2. Text in the search bar is white. Background in the search bar is white as well. As the result I can't see what I write there.

3.When I start writing in the search bar this search menu or whatever shows. It only disappears when I click the leftmost panel. It would  really help if it disappeared after clicking enywhere.

4. This one is actually about Windows. I lack the discover option that is present on Linux and it's great.


I hope that I don't litter the worng topic etc.

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