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No internet connection detected (eror code:4) - Ubuntu 20.04

No internet connection detected (eror code:4) - Ubuntu 20.04

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Operating System Ubuntu 20.04


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I have update to version 1: yesterday and since then spotify tells me there is no internet connection (although the PC has access to internet).
I have tried clear the cache, change proxy settings to No Proxy without sucess.

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The only solution that worked for was using the snap installation instead of installing the client via apt. Slower to start the program obviously, but at least it works without computer restart.

The latest update, version still has the same issue.  I've been using a combination of the web client and to get around the non-functional desktop client, but I'm also looking around for another music service to switch to at this point.

What is it that spotify does different from, well, ANY other program?

I do make it difficult for my machine as I use dory (dnsmasq replacement for working with docker and local hostnames) and I sometime hibernate my machine.

But no other program has a problem with that, expect for spotify 😞

There are times when a couple of spotify restarts fix it (as is the case this evening, coming out of hibernation AND running dory), but sometimes I just listen somethings else until my laptop is restarted the next day.


Linux Mint 19.3 with spotify 1: from deb stable non-free

I solved this problem on Ubuntu 18.04 by turning off the "Connectivity Checking" on "Settings" -> "Privacy" (on the OS, not on Spotify). Before that, every time the checking failed Spotify was giving me this error. I hope that helps. Cheers

I decided to check back in on the official client after having not used it for about a year, and as of version 1:, I'm no longer experiencing any issues.  For others, try updating and see if it works again for you as well!  Best of luck!


Edit: Oh, and for convenience, my system info again is KDE Neon (Based on Ubuntu 20.04 focal).



on my side, the wifi is unstable in the place I work, so I use cable.

I'm online.. But spotify considers that cable is not enough :shrug:, I must use wifi to make the desktop client happy and allow me to use "online" features.

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