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[Request] Spotify for ARM64

[Request] Spotify for ARM64

As ARM64 becomes more popular, supporting Spotify for ARM64 on Linux seems like a great move. Most Chromebooks are now getting Linux apps and several of them run ARM processors. Apple plans to release an ARM Macbook soon and Windows now supports ARM, so I think Spotify should follow suite. 

3 Replies

I agree with this.


I keep wanting to put a Raspberry Pi 3 in my vehicles so I don't have to go out and buy an over priced head unit with low functionality and sound quality, however since Spotify has no ARM nor ARM64 support, it leaves me solely with MPD, which isn't bad per se, since MPD is amazing for what it is- I would just much rather have native ARM64 support for Spotify in Linux distributions.

I def think it's possible since Sonos does this already and I'm sure they're using an ARM chip... Think there is a remote play server and API option

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