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Spotify Installation Issue on Ubuntu 23.10 - Missing libgconf-2-4 Dependency

Spotify Installation Issue on Ubuntu 23.10 - Missing libgconf-2-4 Dependency



I am encountering an issue while trying to install Spotify on Ubuntu 23.10. The installation process is failing due to a missing dependency - libgconf-2-4. However, it appears that this dependency has been removed from the latest Ubuntu version, similar to the changes made in Debian.


I have gathered some relevant information to highlight the problem:

  1. This link shows that the libgconf-2-4 package has been deleted from Ubuntu.

  2. There is an ongoing discussion about this dependency issue in another project, and it seems to be related to the Electron version. You can find the discussion here.

  3. The initial Debian bug report that removed the libgconf-2-4 package can be found here.


As Spotify states that it supports LTS and other releases of Ubuntu and Debian, I consider this to be a critical issue. Ubuntu 23.10 is expected to serve as a base for the next LTS release, which would potentially affect a larger user base.


I kindly request the support team to address this issue and provide a solution or workaround for installing Spotify on Ubuntu 23.10 without the libgconf-2-4 dependency (snap package is not an option). It's important for many users who rely on Spotify for their music needs.

Thank you for your attention and assistance in resolving this matter.

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