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Spotify URIs do not work

Spotify URIs do not work



Operating System

Linux, Spotify from deb version 1:


My Question or Issue

As has been reported a few times before and incorrectly marked as resolved, Spotify client on Linux correctly registers the `x-scheme-handler/spotify` scheme, but does not actually do anything when it is invoked.


1. According to this topic, Spotify changed to require the URI to be passed as a flag for some reason, but the Exec line in the bundled spotify.desktop file does not do that, instead using bare `%U` instead of `--uri=%U` (technically should be `--uri=%u` since the client supports only one URI).

2. Passing the URI as a flag only works when Spotify is not already running. Otherwise, it just prints “Opening in existing browser session.” and does nothing.


The workaround of calling through the dbus interface, as mentioned in a few places on the forum, causes Spotify to switch to and start playing the URI immediately, which is not desired and not how the URI handler normally works. This functionality clearly exists in the Spotify desktop client on macOS and Windows, and it even works on Linux when the client is not open, and is only not wired up correctly on Linux when the client is already running. It would be appreciated if someone could find five minutes to go in and cut and paste the handful of missing lines of code that are needed to make it work.



2 Replies

This has been reported many times in different locations without resolution. I too would love to be able to just click a link shared by a friend and have the desktop client open the link. It sounds like a very simple / basic task, and indeed it seems the fix seems to be known and straightforward, yet here we are.


I (and many other Linux users) would love to see this resolved.






I am in the same situation and since the required effort for the fix is minimal I would also like it to be resolved.

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