Spotify crashes on startup (Arch linux)


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Honestly, the snap and deb packages are junk. Spotify doesn't seem to care very much about the desktop let alone desktop Linux. If you want the most painless experience just use the unofficial flatpak. We (I am a contributor) actually care and will fix (read: workaround the garbage that is the Spotify desktop client) what we can.  

Re: Spotify crashes on startup (Arch linux)

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Could you give me the info for the Spotify flatpak? That would be great because I'm not a big fan of snap anyway.

Re: Spotify crashes on startup (Arch linux)


Sure, head over to flathub's Arch Quick Setup page.

Follow the instructions to install flatpak.

I'm not an Arch user but you may also need to add the flathub repo. It's not mentioned in the Arch setup but is mentioned in the Ubuntu setup.

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Then go to the flathub Spotify Client page and install it by following the command line install instructions at the bottom of the page.

For reference here is the ArchWiki on flatpak: 

Re: Spotify crashes on startup (Arch linux)


As far as what the flatpak is:

It's basically a wrapper. It downloads the deb and extracts the binaries (we pretty much throw away the rest of the assets). In the process we workaround a few bugs.

1. Local playback actually works. We achieve this by bundling the last version of ffmpeg that Spotify is actually really compatible with. (Spotify expects an ancient version of ffmpeg) 

2. We use svg icons, including a symbolic icon. (the default icons are png's that don't even follow their own logo guidelines. They are the wrong color.)

3. We set the title bar to the dark variant of the theme if possible to match the rest of the client's UI.

4. Opening Spotify links actually works as expected. As in it will open the link in an existing instance if one exists as opposed to spawning a new instance.  

 5. Semi proper HDPI UI scaling.

6. Complete appstream data.

7. A complete .desktop file.

There is a limit to what we can do though. We can't see inside nor change the binaries.