Spotify crashes when I try uploading profile picture (Linux)


Spotify crashes when I try uploading profile picture (Linux)

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Linux Mint 

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When I try to change my profile picture, Spotify crashes. It brings up a "open file" window for like 2 seconds before the entire program crashes.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I no longer use Windows and I want to change my profile picture


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I've also had this problem for months. I'm on ubuntu 20.04, spotify deb.


I have exactly the same problem.

I am using Spotify in Ubuntu 18.04.

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I contacted Spotify about this. I had this bug confirmed by some friends of mine who use other Linux distros. It seems to be effecting everyone who has Spotify on Linux.
Spotify didn't mention the bug, or acknowledge it. They just told me that I can go and change my profile picture through the mobile app.

Their exact reply to me, even after I told them that this is affecting everyone on Linux:

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out. We know it's not cool when you're unable to update your profile picture on your account. No worries, help's here.

If you haven't tried yet, we suggest reinstalling the app on your desktop. As doing so will force refresh the connection between your device and Spotify which usually fixes this issue that you're experiencing.

If you're still having issues after reinstall, we suggest to change your profile picture through the Spotify mobile app instead. Just head here to know how.

We hope this helps, if you need further assistance, feel free to get back to us.

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I tried to contact them and their support in my country and they said that they don't offer support for Linux users, sent me the link of Spotify Community and left me to solve the problem on my own, even though it's clearly not a bug on my computer, but a problem with spotify client for linux itself, since everyone that uses Linux is going through the same. Is there a way that we can force them to come talk with us and at least try to solve this problem instead of giving us robotic answers and just leaving it at that?

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They're right about that Spotify for Linux is not officially supported. It's a project Spotify's Linux-using devs do on their free time.


Also, this issue doesn't happen to me, which makes me wonder if there is something common between all those who have this problem - something beyond just the distro.

I am running Ubuntu Studio 20.04 with Xfce and Spotify is installed from Snap.
I've tried multiple times and Thunar, Xfce file manager, does not crash Spotify.


What desktop environments do you run? 🙂

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I have the same issue on Ubuntu 20.10 (Gnome). When Spotify try to open the image selector it closes itself.
Can this help from the log?

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I'm running Cinnamon. Most popular edition for Mint


It must be an issue with Spotify and GNOME. And it worked before the update so???


(EDIT: Oh yeah this post is about Linux Mint which doesn't have a GNOME release, maybe you're just using the old version)

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I have the same problem on Ubuntu. The app crashes when I try to upload an image.