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Spotify volume too low

Spotify volume too low

Hello guys, I really like Spotify but the volume is lower than deezer and the others music streaming services.
In cellphone it doesn't really annoy me, but in the Windows app, it is really annoying, do you guys have a solution?

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Had this problem two spotify version before. Then came an update and the issue was gone. Now, after the latest update, the volume seems even more lover. It's about half the max volume I can hear anywhere else, youtube, etc. My laptop has very humble speakers and with the volume turned to max, it's not even what I would expect medium volume. Please, fix this ASAP!


EDIT: huh, this old topic fixed it.


Strange fix though

I've had the same problem for a while and no suggested fix worked. 

I decided to fiddle with all the settings in windows and what I found is the Loudness Equaliser thing in playback devices decided to reduce the volume to roughly a third without notifying me about it, sneaky ***** windows. Turning it off fixed everything 😄

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