can't click menu options

can't click menu options








Operating System

Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS


My Question or Issue

The app version of Spotify you’re using:  unsure, probably the latest via snap

i just installed the spotify for linux client a few days ago, and i'm noticing some menu items don't respond, namely: speed multiplier for podcast playing, the user menu (settings, experimental features, log out, etc).  what happens is that the menu closes, and then my click registers on the item under that space, like it will hit the scrollbar or a song for example.


other menus seem to work ok, like the ... button on an album page, i can hit the links to add to queue or share via twitter.  on the "my library page", the "sorted by" menu flashes for a second when i try to open it, that is, it closes immediately after opening.


6. Attach the spotify-dump.txt ( $HOME/spotify-dump.txt 😞  N/A, no error message


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