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[linux, desktop] UI bug - Disabled context menu

[linux, desktop] UI bug - Disabled context menu

The context menu next to my user's profile image consistently has all of its meny items disabled (fig. 1). Meaning they can not be clicked. This prevents access to the account/profile settings. This bug already existed in the old UI version. However, in the old version one could reach the profile settings via a detour through the old Share menu settings. Since the share menu has been updated as well, this is no longer possible.

fig. 1fig. 1


1 Reply

Wich Linux distro are you using? What is the Spotify version installed on your PC?


Have you tried the Spotify version installed via Flatpak? Perhaps, it can help (flatpak must be already installed on your Linux)...


With this version, there is a (little?) bug with local music folders unseen by Spotify.




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