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most settings have no effect

most settings have no effect







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for quite some time now I have observed that the loudness normalization went to "loud" (or is it off?) and I can't change it back to normal no matter what. the change in settings will have effect in the settings window, but not when playing music.

I also found out that there is no mention of this setting in the "prefs" file.

If someone could have a look at their prefs file and tell me what it should contain in this regard?

Actually it seams the only setting having effect is the language one



by the way. I tried deleting all the folder and stuff. Actualy I now installed it from snap so all folder got rebuild anyways in a new location. both installs have the same plroblem though

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I will have to cancel my supscriptions if I can't solve this issue. the limiter on the "loud" setting has negative impact on the quality.

So I now could confirm that some settings work and will make a change to the prefs file.
there is no change whatsover in that file when changing the loudness setting. there seam to be no entry for it whatsoever.
it seams the devs just copied the windows interface and disabled VITAL features for the Linux client.

I am testing other streaming services now. if I have no reply soon and find another that works better I will cancel my subsription

there is no change in the prefs file when changing the quality, too.
which probably means that even PAYING linux users are restricted to the "normal" quality setting.

I am starting to rise this issue in Linux forums right now. Don't offer a Linux app if you can't offer the full service

So this actualy triggered a diferent outcome. after 13 years I will go back to Windows lol
see you there

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