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spotify not starting


spotify not starting







Asus X52J

Operating System

Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

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Spotify app is not starting. I only see black screen. no errors

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So I finally found a way to get this working.   If I completely remove $HOME/.cache/spotify/ instead of just removing $HOME/.cache/spotify/Storage/ it starts to work correctly.    As this wasn't listed in the troubleshooting thread I was a bit afraid to wipe that directory if it would wreck havoc with the state.


I'm not sure what in that directory would break the auto login procedure but it would have been nice with an error message instead of just locking up...


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Running into the same issue on Manjaro KDE, and found the same solution. Gotta say the age of this thread and the lack of responses doesn't give me hope for this being fixed anytime soon, but I'll drop some extra info in hopes of boosting the issue and getting the client working.


Interestingly, my client does successfully log in, but the window remains blank and non-functional. If I play music on another device, I still get track notifications on my computer. In addition, if I select the computer from spotify connect on the other device, sound will play as expected; alas, the window remains useless throughout all of this.


When starting Spotify from terminal with --show-console, I see quite a few errors, but none of them are especially descriptive. Still, most of them seem to be related to the login process, so I imagine it's likely they're related.


The first one is as follows:


16:58:16.975 I [f:245] aq: on GoOffline[Offline] -> [Offline]
16:58:16.975 E [f:221] aq: OnError reason: 3, error:User requested disconnect
16:58:16.976 I [f:245] aq: Disconnected
16:58:16.976 I [f:245] aq: on GoOnline[Offline] -> [Online]


 This only happens once per launch, and appears to correct itself.


Next, there's this:


16:58:17.334 E [connect:471] ConnectConnectivityListener: received empty connection_id

16:58:17.334 D [connect:953] Connection lost


This one shows up three times for me


Another one is this:


16:58:18.397 D [connect_dial:423] DialDiscovery::checkForApp:
16:58:18.407 E [connect_mdns:311] check for app failed: app_not_installed


This one pops up a bunch, with different IP addresses each time. I doubt this has anything to do with the app not working, so I won't spend any time on it.


Not aware of anything else noteworthy, and this comment is already way too long, so I'll end it here lol. Fingers crossed that they fix the app soon

I have the same problem and solution was running spotify with --no-zygote according this thread which was also solution to this problem. There is also possible to run with on Wayland with ozone switch command, but with this windows title is ugly and does not fit into desktop and also does not solve this problem which --no-zygote solve this...


But clicking on icon is another problem and need to adjust icon launch command which from console is working, but something like ALT-F2 also works with spotify --no-zygote

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