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Abysmal performance

Abysmal performance

This has been an issue for a long time, but now it's getting worse. The desktop app seems to decide at some point to give me a black screen; searching for anything just leaves a perpetual loading icon, literally nothing works after a few minutes. It might be a few minutes, or it could be an hour until this starts happening. Sometimes, if I play a song, the song will play but the song title won't change and the seek bar won't move.


If I try to close spotify, the app freezes and I have to "Force Quit" it otherwise it will continue hanging. 



I've tried everything; disabled hardware acceleration; cleared the cache, uninstalled and then reinstalled, I've even reinstalled my OS. Is the Mac desktop app just poorly designed? I have none of these issues on mobile.


Specs: Late 2012 iMac, i5 Ivy Bridge, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GT 650M 512MB, running the latest High Sierra. 

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Hey @partyfalcon.


Could you send us your Spotify version numbers? There's an update rolling out, so make sure you're on the latest version to see if this keeps happening.


Have you noticed if this is happening when using Spotify along with other apps? In the meantime, I suggest using a different Spotify account on the same Mac to see if it behaves the same.


Keep us posted.

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