Beats by Dre Wireless Bluetooth Skipping and Pausing Songs

Beats by Dre Wireless Bluetooth Skipping and Pausing Songs


I recently purchased Beats by Dre Studio Wireless Bluetooth enabled headphones.  On Spotify only, (not iTunes), songs pause randomly for a split second when playing, making it incredibly annoying and impossible to use the Bluetooth feature enjoyably.  


Wondering if anyone else has the same issue and any solutions?


Headphones work fine with iTunes, only seems to happen on Spotify.

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Same problem here unfortunately. 

iTunes keeps popping up every time is use the contral buttons! 




Were you able to solve this problem?


same here, My play list starts randomly skipping when i click a song i want to play it then plays it for 3 sec , stops and then 5 sec later spotify starts skipping through the list of songs,... then randomly will stop one one song and it plays through ,... SUPER frusterating iv been messing with settings sice ,.. ill let everyone know if i find a fix,...


 I think ithas something to do with the leftside buttons on outr wireless beats head sets,... or a poor wireless connection in my case i both a bluetooth thumb tab connected to usb port with a usb extention cable 8feet long laying on the ground. and have 2 other wireless devices my keyboard and mouse,... I have a feeling that they may be messing with the signle from the bluetooth device..


I've been using Spotify since 2010, and it's a shame that I finally had to cancel my Premium Membership because of this issue. 


Never had any other issues with Spotify and I personally prefer the service and interface over Apple Music. I finally switched to Apple Music after realizing that no one at Spotify intends to fix this issue. Not sure why they wouldn't invest some time into keeping up with one of the most popular headphones on the market.

  1. I am using simple apple earpieces, with no other controls besides volume. I have disabled Bluetooth. Even with all this I have the same skipping/pausing issue. Help desk just suggested I use other headphones. Well, looking at the threads here type of the headphones is clearly not an issue. Something internal, and you are right they need to look into that.

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