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Bluetooth headset buttons


Bluetooth headset buttons

Recently I've been listening to music on spotify on my Mac through my Bluetooth headset with no problems but last week spotify stopped responding the the buttons on my headset (play/pause, forward, back) and instead they trigger itunes, even when I am listening to spotify at the time! Does anyone know how I can fix this?

Thank You

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This no longer works with the new OS macOS Sierra. 😞 (click on the beta version halfway down the page- it works!!! )

This works with my sony mdr1000x for pausing the music however the swipe to skip isnt supported. Anyone else not getting track skip to work?

on sierra btw

So, i've tried a variety of ways to get my Sony MDR 1000X's to respond to touch gestures with no luck. Hopefully this can get fixed soon but at least found this -

for anyone that has speakers or headphone support aptX bluetooth, made my 1000X's sound incredible!





Spotify Version -
Running - macOS Sierra 10.12 (16A323)
Headphones - Sony MDR 1000X

This happened to me too but with my car radio controls (also lost the artist and song titles on the display) and my bluetooth headset controls on my motocycle helmet. I also noticed that spotify controls don't show up on my iphone lock screen anymore. Apple music works fine on all of these.

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