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Cannot Update on Mac

Cannot Update on Mac

Has anybody had a hard time getting Spotify to update on Mac? I am still on


My friend downloaded Spotify for the first time, and his version is higher than mine (, but my Spotify will not update. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify, but the same version gets installed again.


Is anybody finding that they are still stuck on

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Hey @tbone3689 🙂 


v0.9.4.178 is still the most recent client showing on the download pages. 


What you will find with Spotify client updates, they are rolled out incrementally so that Spotify can monitor usage and/or issues before the client goes out to everyone, and those groups that it rolls out to are generated randomly on usernames as far as I am aware. Don't worry, you will get the update automatically soon or once the rollout reaches a certain percentage it should go live on the download pages. 



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