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Spotify crashes before even startin up. It has worked fine until now.


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. First I did this I´ve tried to reinstall following the steps on the homepage but couldnt find the two folders that I was supposed to erase.

2. Then I did that I went through the installation process and tried to start again but no change.

3. I also did this

4. then this

5. then this

6. and finally, this


What I expected to happen

This is what I expected to happen


What actually happened

This is what happened instead.


My Operating System

(From the Apple menu, select About This Mac)

OS X version 10.5.8


My Spotify version

Cant tell since I cant get it to start but it should be the latest one since I just reinstalled it.


My internet provider and country

Com hem Sweden


My username



Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?



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Hi there, the new Spotify client doesn't work with Mac OS X 10.5.x


The one you downloaded will be 0.8.5, however it will automatically update on launch to 0.8.8 which is no longer supported on Mac OS 10.5 - it will just crash.


There is an old version for 10.5, however it has been reported that that will also automatically update as well - you should upgrade your Mac OS X version.



I have posted a work around if you don't want to upgrade your OS X version here which will prevent the client updating to the non-working one 😉 



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