Desktop player is getting hacked by another user

Desktop player is getting hacked by another user


I'm in the middle of listening to a #ThrobackThursday song at work when the music cuts out and starts playing this random explicit rap music. I don't listen to rap. I go back to the playlist I was listening to when I get through half of another song and it happens again. This sort of thing has happened many times in the past as well.

I do see under the "Connect to a device" there are a couple other greyed out devices that are not mine, presumably from other people at work on my network. Is someone else's Spotify player on my network taking over mine? What can I do to stop this? 


And no, I didn't give my user login to anyone. 


I'm using the Mac Desktop Spotify player.


Thank you for helping me out with this.







MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2016

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macOS Mojave


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Hey @j-yhp_zjra9e9 and welcome to the Spotify Community


Can you try resetting your password as soon as possible. And also make sure that you are the only one has access to the e-mail associated with your Spptify account. Hope it helps.


Have a nice day!

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