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Drag and rearrange feature suddenly not working

Drag and rearrange feature suddenly not working

Plan - Premium

Country - Sweden

Device - Macbook Air/High Sierra


Hey everyone,


I am using the latest Mac Desktop version of Spotify.

The drag and rearrange feature is suddenly not working. Can't drag songs or rearrange songs in any playlist.


I have tried downloading latest version of Spotify. Deleting and reinstalling. Restarting computer. Nothing is working. Not sure what to try at this point.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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Hey @Solkatt.


That's odd. I've tried this on my end and it's working like a charm.


Could you confirm the exact Spotify version you're using? Also, are you able to check using a different device to see if it behaves the same?


I also suggest reinstalling Spotify one more time, but make sure you're following these steps.


Keep us posted.

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