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Filter multiple artists on a playlist

Filter multiple artists on a playlist

I have a very large playlist, and making a queue full of the multiple artists I feel like listening to on it is very time consuming. I'd love to see a feature where you can filter a playlist to only play a select few of the artists on it, as opposed to only one. I personally think it'd be a very useful feature, and I know others who agree. 

2 Replies

I totally agree with you. One of my playlists is incredibly large and its a lot of work to sift through all those songs when making a queue. Having a multiple artists capability on playlist filters would allow for easy queuing depending on what mood I'm in.

A way you could do this if you are on a computer is filter a artist name, click on any of their song and do ctrl + a, right click, add to queue. Repeat for all the artist you want in your queue!

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