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High CPU usage on OSX


High CPU usage on OSX

Hi guys


When I'm listening to Spotify from time to time the fans on my MacBook spin up and CPU usage of Spotify Helper rises up to 40%.

Apart from that CPU usage is around 3-7%


Is that normal??








MacBook Pro Retina 13" Late 2013



OSX Yosemite  10.10.3




Accepted Solutions
Marked as solution

Try turning off Crossfade Tracks and the volume level thing under Advanced Settings.

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also, when syncing songs offline cpu usage jumps to 100%

(I have similar specs — a more recent MBP retina and with 16gb ram)

That's insane! 😮


 I added two screenshots where you can see the CPU load when the ad for premium played... Everytime the ad plays cpu usage shoots up.. 😕

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-26 um 21.17.46.png
Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-26 um 21.16.23.png

Today the CPU usage went up to 40% and I wasn't even listening to music...

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-27 um 09.17.59.png

It's really anoying. I can't use Spotify anymore because CPU usage stays at 50-80% now... 


I have exactly the same problem: Spotify Helper is eating away at least 30-40% of CPU. Other people recommend disabling "local files", but that did not help me either. Instead i had to disable crossfading of tracks and setting the same volumne level for all tracks. After that, Spotify Helper is down to 0.1% 🙂


Turning on any other option except high quality streaming (yes, i'm paying for this), results in high CPU load.

This thread seems to be located in the wrong forum. 😉


Furthermore I have read from another Mac user yesterday evening with the same problem that updating to 1.0.10 and to Yosemite finally helped her.

Thanks! I turned off a bunch of options in preferences, and immediately went from 40% to less than 3%. And the cooling fan shut off, so I could enjoy listening to the music...

Hello.  What were all of the preferences that you tweaked or turned off?  I would love to know. I'm having great Spotify Helper CPU issues.  Thanks.  

Marked as solution

Try turning off Crossfade Tracks and the volume level thing under Advanced Settings.

That actually resolved the issue...
Seems like Spotify Helper was constantly evaluating the volume level or what not.


Thanks, but this is still a workaround, sacrifacing features is not a solution. I do want to use "set the same volume level for all tracks" option and don't tell me that crossfading is that unpopular feature no one wants to use. Spotify should look into this, I'm not paying for buggy app that heats my ordinarily silently running Mac for obviously no important reason. Feel free to correct me, if I am wrong. Thanks


P.S. This is not a hate speech guys, don't get me wrong. I just think that problems should be solved. 

Sorry, no did not help in my case. 

Still 90% without playing any song...

Would be great to find a permanent solution



I turned off all available offline content and Spotify Helper cpu utilization seems normal now. It's unfortunate that Spotify development team could not fix the bug.

How did you do that? I don't know how to do that haha

How do you do that? I don't know how to haha

Happy birthday to this issue, more than a year later and it still exists. 


Thankfully google pointed me here and turning off the volume preference fixed it.


Seriously Spotify, wtf? Either set the darn thing off by default or plain remove it from the preferences.

Looks like I'm getting some crazy high CPU usage when Spotify is closed?  



henry           44875 214.6  2.5  3754452 412432   ??  R     4:09PM  78:01.88


Crossfade isn't even on.  


windows 10 64 bit

8gb of ram

i5 4460


ALL settings are turned off, even in advanced settings. Only getting high CPU usage when at the "browsing tab" 

currently at 95% cpu usage. 

I do not have a "spotify helper" in my task manager, only 2 spotify 32bits, one sitting at 83% one sitting at 3.9% 

This is absurd. 

99% CPU on OS X, while the track is paused.


Will we see the 2nd anniversary for this bug?

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