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Keep getting "Can't play the current song"

Keep getting "Can't play the current song"

Hi everybody, I just paid for Premium subscription today and want to use Spotify on multiple devices and save some tracks for offline pleasure, but I keep getting the same message "Can't play the current song" on the latest Mac client of Spotify. It is sooooooo annoying and I am desperate! How come I didn't have any problems while I used the free service? It seems to be working fine on my iPhone 6.


Also, I have one more question, why does it take forever to download a HQ song for offline listen, it took me almost 10 hours to download  200 songs today, and now only half were downloaded!


By the way, I live in Beijing, I know Spotify is blocked here in China, but my friends are having fun with it. I never saw any problems either before becoming a Premium member. As a big Apple fan, I ditched Apple Music and thought Spotify would be different. It turned out to be a disappointment too. 😞 


Anyone please help me!!!

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Please try changing your default playback device to your computer's speakers, restart Spotify and try it again.
Tell me if it worked, please 😉 Have a great day!

Hi Rising Star,

Thanks for the reply.

I'm wondering where that setting can be found in the client? I'll try it when I get access to my Mac.

I'm listening to songs on iPhone and everything is perfect, I guess cos I downloaded all the tracks for offline listen.

And I have one more question, no album artwork is showing though I've downloaded all of them. How come?

Thank you 😉 have a good day!


I meant changing the default device in Mac, here is a tutorial for that. 

And to the album artwork, you don't see it when you are using Spotify in the offline mode?

Have a great day!


You are so helpful. I'll check out the tutorial when I get home.

I cannot see any artwork even though I've downloaded all the tracks, I cannot see any online either. This is really frustrating!

Thank you very much 🙂

No problem, we are here for you 😉
You can't see the artwork on your Mac, iPhone or both?
Have a great day!

I just read the tutorial and I realized that you were referring to that. And I knew it. But why should I change the speaker while it's a problem of network or the client I guess? I'm using a B&O external speaker with a cable for my computer, for the iPhone, I prefer to use a USB cable connected to the speaker or I just use AirPlay.

Thanks. On subway 😉

This process usually work on Windows computers, so it might work on Macs too 😉 You can change the default device back to your external speakers after you restart Spotify.

Have a nice ride on the subway!


I just tested the artwork problem, I turned on Offline mode and suddenly all of the artwork appeared, those songs were all downloaded to my phone, but how come none of them are shown once I go online? I guess this is a bug.

So when you turn off offline mode, you can't see any album artwork? Try to reinstall Spotify. If it still doesn't show up, please fill up this template:



Brief description of the issue:

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. First I did this
  2. Then I did that
  3. I also did this

What steps you’ve tried already:

Your device and operating system (e.g. iPhone 5, iOS 😎

Type of Spotify account you have (Free or Premium):

The app version of Spotify you’re using:


Any screenshots, if they can help to explain your issue:



Oh my god, I don’t wanna reinstall, it took me a WHOLE day to download 200 HQ tracks, I don’t wanna wait for another day. I guess I just have to stick with it then. Thank you!!

Yeah, I get that. Tell me if the bug on your Mac is fixed when you get back home 😉

Hi, hope you are doing good. 


This "CAN'T PLAY THE CURRENT TRACK" issue is still bothering me every single day and it's driving me crazy.


I don't have this issue on my iPhone, while the artwork won't show up, if I don't connect my VPN.


I live in Beijing, China and paid for the HK premium account, and I'll renew premium after the HK ends and I'll use the US premium. 


Before I never had this problem, after being a premium member, things got worse!!! I CAN'T PLAY MUSIC!!!!!!!!! WHY IS IT SO HARD TO LISTEN TO A SONG~!!!!!!!!!



Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.03.40 AM.png

I've escalated this post to Spotify, they will have a look at it 😉

Sorry for the inconvenience 😞 Have a great day!

Oh, have you tried to reinstall Spotify?

Hi, I tried reinstalling, cos I just had a new iPhone and I reinstall the Spotify app, I guess the artwork can't be shown because I'm living in China. Could you please tell me how I can change the country? I bought a US Spotify redeem card but my current country is HongKong. I don't have any American credit cards or debit cards, I have one PayPal account but it's a Chinese account. If I can't change my country, I guess I just have to give up on my current account 😞 Thank you.

If you want to change your country to the US, you have to own an American card or PayPal account. And to the "Can't play the current song" bug, please contact Spotify using their Twitter or Contact form.

Have a great day!

This worked for me.  To add clarity for other noobs, to change your default audio playback device on windows 10 do this:

1. right click on speaker icon in task bar.

2. Select Play back devices

3. Choose "Speaker/HP".  The speakers built in to your computer or your auxiliary speakers may be called something different.


Note:  This problem ocurred after I triday connecting to bluetooth speakers.  (I can't wait til bluetooth is a little less glitchy!)

Hi Spotify,

I'm having this exact same problem... 

I was a free user for years with no problems ever... Now since I changed to premium version I get an error in Spotify every time I load up my mac saying "Can't Play The Current Song"

If I restart the app then it works again but its a major pain having to do this, especially considering the free version worked without a hitch. 

Any ideas? 

I use the IOS version of the software. 


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