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Library not syncing and music not saving

Library not syncing and music not saving







Macbook pro new model

Operating System

Mojave 10.14.5


My Question or Issue

My library wont save songs. I save an album and it wont show up in library. When i unsave an album it stays in my library.


restarted the computer

left it on offline for 5-10 min

signed out

unsintalled the app multiple times (the spotify way with clearing cache and App support)

Have yet to see a thread that has helped my issue. It's been going on for two plus months. 

I thought it might be song limit on library but nothing will undownload either so not sure.

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This is part of new functionality with the recent June update. I was confused with this particular issue as well! Hitting ❤️ on an album no longer adds the songs to your liked songs; it adds it only to your "albums" tab. To add all songs of an album to your liked songs playlist, click the first song and then shift-click the last song, then right-click (ctrl-click if you don't have right click set up on Mac) and choose "save to your liked songs." On mobile, you can achieve this by tapping the three dot menu at the top right of the page when you're viewing the album, and choose "like all songs."


You can find more information on the update and its changes here:


Hope this helps! 

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